Week one: Here I am again

What does it mean to do something for oneself?

For me, it is above all to be aware that, whatever life we have, we can modify things that do not suit us anymore, improve others and move forwards to new horizons simply because we have a deep desire.

And this is where everything starts. No matter where you come from, no matter how long it will take. From the moment you really want something, you already put yourself in a creative thinking scheme. Do not try to know “how to” because actions without a real purpose are useless but look deeply within yourself and Listen: ‘ Why do I want to do this, what pushes me.  When I think about my project, my desires, what are’ The emotions I feel ‘. It is this pattern that will push you into action.

Now, there’s a But. Since we were children, we have always been guided to learn things that we do not necessarily like, we have been conditioned by a whole direct and indirect environment and we have gradually let our desires, our spontaneity  and our imagination extinguish.  We became a Slave to our Habits.


For anyone wishing to evolve their Life, a condition that is no longer pleasing or acceptable; The first step is to change bad habits and replace them with good habits.

In other words, start pull up the weeds that you dislike and plant the seeds that look like you.



2 thoughts on “Week one: Here I am again

  1. Hi, Miriam! Your Blog Rover friend, Loren, here. Another MKE blogger wrote something similar to when life gets you down and things go dark, think not that you are buried, but planted, and BLOOM. Although the context was somewhat different, I believe your words and these are in alignment. Very uplifting! Great start! Oh, Steve already said that, so, “terrific” start! LOL 🙂


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