Week 4 : Because… We are worth it

Today, we are more and more looking for meaning in our life. We want of course to find a balance between work and our personal life, but we also want to bring ‘more’ into our lives, this more that makes us feel special,  accomplished people, happy human beings.


But unfortunately, for most people, ‘ We are ignorant of our own desires ‘. So why is it so complicated to say what we really want? One of the first answers that comes to my mind is: because we don’t take the time to rest and connect with oneself.


Yet, we take the time to go to work to build up the dreams of others, we take the time to fill tons of paperwork that drive us out of our mind, we took the time to go to school for years, to learn things that we do not necessarily like. What was the last time you took some time for yourself, to give more meaning to your life?

Below all those layers of cement that were imposed on us by school, the media, our parents, not to mention the opinions of others, you know those who try to stop you as soon as you dream of something for yourself. Underneath all these layers, hides Gold. This Gold is your deepest dreams. This gold are the projects that you have never dared to go for. This gold is your heart that speaks to you and tries to make a way beyond your reason, and beyond your If….. and But.

Take the time to listen to yourself, because your dreams are calling you. You’re worth it !!



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