Week 5 : What are we addicted to?

Have you ever been in the presence of a person who moans all the time, a person That Criticizes everything or who is often melodramatic Saying ‘ But why does this happen to me ‘? The answer is yes, no doubt about it 😊. And you probably wonder, but what makes that person to be in the need of that state almost Daily?

Maybe the answer will surprise you, but we are all Addicted. Yes, you read it correctly, we are all Addicted To those 40 billion peptides Present In our bodies and mainly in our brains.connexions

A thought triggers 40 billion of connections !!!, which triggers Emotions which leads to Beliefs. We Live, Think and Act according to those beliefs.

We have made it our reality, and it is not always for the best. The hardest part is that we are addicted to these Emotions that we experienced one day. Sure, it didn’t happen Overnight. It found its way through the family environment, work place, home, the social environment where we have received countless impressions, prejudices, ideas that have been accepted and integrated by ourselves.

Little by little, this has seeped into every parcel of our body, has shaped our personality dépendanceand character, the puzzle was built. And When these peptides do not have what they want (the emotions they are accustomed to), they send a signal to the brain in order to claim their daily dose.

Is it irreversible? Fortunately, not!


  • If you have a person in front of you moaning, ask him to stop straight away and think instead of a pleasant memory for 30 seconds and watch his face metamorphose.
  • If you have someone complaining on something, ask him to stop sharp and smile for 15 seconds and watch what happens.

And you, what are you addicted to? Take the time to observe yourself when you have emotions that you do not agree with You may be surprised

Next week following…


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