Week 9 : Create a new reality for yourself

The mind is the only place where we can create a new reality. We are what we think.

Did you know that 100 kg of knowledge worth less than 1 gram of action.

2 major obstacles often prevent us from doing what we want:

(1) It appears that most of us suffer from acute routinite (book: “your second life begins when you realize you only have one ‘ Raphaëlle Giordano). Here are the symptoms: lack of motivation, difficulty to be happy, weariness…

We can be possessed by a feeling of emptiness without being in depression, and hang the unpleasant feeling of having everything to be happy without having the key to enjoy it. Which leads to a growing number of illiterates of happiness not to mention emotional illiteracy. It is just insane! For sure, you won’t learn how to find your bliss at school.

Fortunately, it is not a fate, we can always choose to fully live our lives while gradually freeing its brain of this strangulation of negative waves.

(2) Negativity is tattooed in our genes for thousands of years. It’s just huge, it’s called self-preservation. When I learned this, I was shocked. We are genetically predisposed to negativity! Then of course, it becomes a hindrance when it comes to change. But remember ‘nothing is permanent except change’.

Similarly, we are humans being physically and chemically emotional, which can be a limitation when we access the same emotions and attitudes every single day without doing anything to change or evolve in our life. Our bodies create neuropeptides that correspond to specific feelings and emotions. Whenever we experience these emotions, our cells are bathed into these neuropeptides. Overtime, our body becomes used to this and this is where the addiction occurs. And when our cells do not get bathed into these neuropeptides, because we change our way of thinking, our cells start craving them again.

The only solution is to create new neuropeptides by changing our way of thinking and learning to control our emotional state. We have to watch ourselves, be our own observer.

Now, start by putting your prejudices and beliefs at the door, locked out.

Most of the things that happen to you in life depend on what goes on in your mind.

You have the choice between painting everything in black or in rose; your subconscious mind doesn’t make any difference.

You are the author of your own life! So, sit down for 15 minutes quietly, ask yourself what you want in life and WRITE it down!!!.  What is not written does not exist.

– What are the things I want to get rid of in my life?

-What are the things I want in life?

-What do I want for me? Sincerely.

-Why is it so important to me? List at least 5 items.

-What are the consequences for me not having what I want?

-What keeps me from taking small steps to get what I want?

-Where should I start? 10 small steps are better than a big leap.

-Do I really want this or do I need it?

-If I start to make small changes, what’s the worst that could happen?

-If I start to make small changes, what are the benefits I could get?

“Change is a door that opens from the inside,” Tom Peters

Either your future remains a stranger, or either it becomes your best friend. Either you continue to live by the clock, or either you follow your inner compass to achieve your goal, by giving more importance to your heart needs.

When a negative thought comes to your mind, switch it by a positive thought, a pleasant moment.

I wish you a wonderful week.

If some of you want to exchange their experience with me on this little exercise, I would be a great pleasure.


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