Week 12 : What is succes in itself?

Can we really define the meaning of the word success? Are there two men among thousands of sages who can define success in the same words? Yet failure is always described in the same way. Failure is a man’s inability to achieve his goals in life, whatever they may be. « Og Mondino ».

When I read this passage, I remember taking a pause for a long time and thinking about the real meaning of all this. I told myself that in fact there were no real definition of success, no magic sentence and even less a perfect and factual strategy that would allow access to the Success. Why? Because you can look for a bunch of external elements but if deep down inside yourself, you do not think you can succeed, then the die is cast.

It all starts within us.

I like this quote that says: Do not wait to succeed to be happy but be happy to be able to succeed. It means what it means, right?

I remember that at the beginning of my adult life, I wanted to become an artist. I wrote songs, I sang, and I wanted to be an actress. I believed in what I did, and it brought me emotions of joy, pleasure and well-being. Only, my family and some close friends didn’t have the same opinion and by repeating over and over that it could never work, that it was not a career, I came to this internal belief that I could not succeed in this area. And that’s exactly what happened.

As long as we do not have this understanding that everything, we create in life is the fruit of our thinking, and by extension of our beliefs, it will be difficult to move forward to our deeply heart’s goals.

Yet it has been difficult for us to banish fear, anxiety or discouragement, which are powerful mental energies that keep us away from the object of our goals (of our desires), so we take a step forward and 2 steps back. 

But then what should be done?

There are no magic recipes but rather principles of life that I would develop in another article.

But to begin with, I would say that the only way to avoid backwards is to always move forward. That it is imperative to be aware that we can be who we will to be. Then you have to have the courage to dare and finally, to have the faith to do it, or if you prefer to make a commitment to yourself to do it.

So what is success if not above all a state of mind?

Have a good week.



2 thoughts on “Week 12 : What is succes in itself?

  1. As much as I love Og and tend to believe in most of what he says, Myriam, regarding this notion of success, I do, in fact, agree with you. Success is a state of mind. Several weeks ago, I pointed out “Everything that happens to me is the best thing that can happen to me.” Perfect application turns all of life into one never-ending fabulous vacation…so they tell me. LOL 🙂

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