Week 13 and 14 : Gratitude

For this week of Christmas Holidays, I would like to express my gratitude.

We rarely take the time to appreciate what we have, and we wrongly focus on What we don’t have yet.

Mind is a muscle and we have to train it just like the muscles of our body. If we only let negative thoughts infiltrate us, we develop a negative life pattern but if we focus on positive thoughts; On projects; about what we want for ourselves then we develop A whole different mindset that brings us to an inner wellbeing and allow us to be more alert on what surround us.

Pay attention!! 

Pay attention on everything you have accomplished in your life so far; on all the things you master, all the life skills you’ve learned.

Pay attention:  What are you thankful for when you think about your family life, about your children, your relationships.  What are you thankful for when you think about your health, your personal and professional commitment

This can be daily little things: the smile of your child in the morning, a roof over your head, food on the table, a sunny day, an act of kindness, a moment of sharing with friends….

Gratitude is to feel happy with what we have and not being unhappy with what we do not have.

So thank you for offering me a roof over my head, thank you To my family, Thanks to those people with whom I shared a wonderful Christmas dinner, Thanks to the beautiful people I have met lately, thanks To my clients for trusting me, thanks to all those compliments I get on the quality of my work, thanks to my man for crossing my path, thanks to my friends, thanks to life for giving me great opportunities, Thank you. Thank you, everyone. Thanks to MKMMA. Thanks to all the people I know all over the world And very beautiful end of the year to all of you.



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