Week 15: Happy New Year 2019

Have you ever watched the movie  ‘Cool Runnings’ .  For Christmas holidays I treated myself with this movie.

To sum up, it’s the story of’ a Man who sees his dream of going to the Olympic Games shattered after a fall in athletics selection.

Yet, his burning desire to go to the Olympic Games is so strong in him that he decides to set up a Jamaican bobsleigh team and to go to Canada to qualify.

The Whole federation make fun of them, obviously, and are not taken seriously at all.

 But with will, persistence and faith, they reach their goal of being among the best.

This story is Incredible, the Ingredients of success in relation to a specific purpose are gathered. 

A well-defined purpose: Being the first Jamaicans in the world to compete for this discipline at the Olympics. The vision is here.

An action plan: an intensive training, first in Their own country with what they’ve got (almost nothing). Then flying over to Canada, learning ice-skating in an ice rink (incredible scene); In-depth study from all angles of the track and the course.

A Mindset: Despite unkind jokes and other pessimism Surrounding, they do not let anyone discourage them.

A Team Alliance : They turn their differences into strength, The team is tightknit, either they succeed all together or not at all.

There is a scene where the dialogue sums up the film:

  1. Does the verb ‘ To give up ‘ mean something to you?
  2. ‘ Give up ‘? Never heard about it …
  3. We are different, and people are afraid of what is different. That’s all.

It is mostly true unfortunately, people are often Afraid of what is different.

Now, have you noticed that when we watch a movie, we often Identify to the hero and we long to be in their place.

When I saw ‘ Dirty Dancing ‘ For The first Time, I Must admit, I felt Like ‘ Baby ‘, a little rebellious in the soul, not happy in my sneakers and ready to run wild and free (Thing done by the way 😊) and guys, even if I feel a smile on your face, I am sure at 95% that you identified with Patrick Swayze.

But what keeps us from daring. What do we have to lose?

What’s the worst thing that could happen?  As a general rule, we give too much importance to what others think. Isn’t it?

What would happen if you tried something?  Feel good, happy, proud of yourself and Accomplished? Yes, that is what I am talking about.

It is important to be the hero of your own Life, to be in total agreement with yourself and, if you are different, on the contrary, cultivate this difference. Because you are perfect. But Others by not accepting you as you are the ones who Have a problem, demonstrating intolerance towards your desires and dreams.

I live in the 21st Century I’m happy in what I do, I love learning constantly, and I consider that life is magical if we take the time to open our eyes to all that surround us, if we take the time to be thankful towards these daily little things that Bring us a smile. Life is what we do, there should be no place to complain. If there is a problem, there is a solution. If there are no solutions, there are no problems. 

I wish you a splendid year 2019 Filled with happiness, the pursuit of your dreams, the strengthening of your human values, of Sharing and unconditional love.


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