Week 16: What is wealth

Wealth is not what you have in your bank account.

Wealth is who you are. It is Also What you have in your bank of time during a day: a credit of 86 400 seconds exactly in which you can decide how your day will look like, how you want to drive it, and the emotions you want to feel.

In my previous life, I didn’t care about that credit. I was living like a robot. I worked day and night without counting weekends. And during my rare days of rest, I cleaned the house, I did paperwork and I watched TV, just passing the time. What a waste. A professional Burn Out made me realize that I needed to listen to my heart. My Heart Who knew My real desires, my high aspirations, For a very long time.change.JPG

At the beginning of my career, this heart, my heart, had never stopped to drum to my ears and gradually, it stopped, and this drum turned into Whispers And almost turn off. This crisis helped me to rediscover myself and take possession of the person I am with my values, my principles of life and my desires. It is not always easy because it is so simple to let yourself be tossed by life and environment. Therefore, by always keeping in mind what we wish for ourselves, we know That we are on the right path. So, no matter how many years it may take, the important thing is to stay on track.

You can say I am an idealist and it can make you smile. Only, all great men who succeeded in life are idealists who worked very hard to achieve higher and higher levels of excellence, who visualized and materialized what they wanted in life. I’m not just talking about professional success, because it’s only one element of the wheel of life that counts 9 (Family, professional, love relationship, health, friends and social life…). And we know that when it does not go well in one aspect of our life, it necessarily affects the other aspects. And it can lead to a snowball effect.

I do not have magic recipes to give you because we are all human with our strengths and weaknesses, that can sometimes take over according to our mental and emotional state of the moment. What I can say on the other hand is that it is important to always Keep in mind this Balance And this bliss Which We want to reach.

Learn how to cultivate your wealth. This personal wealth that defines you with your ideals, your values, your desires, your love, your authenticity, your sincerity, your generosity, your strengths and your weaknesses… And last words: never hide from who you are because who you are is what makes you unique.

Very good week to everyone.


3 thoughts on “Week 16: What is wealth

  1. Your post, Myriam, clicked on something, and sent me searching my memory banks to find it, “YOU ARE NOT WHAT YOU THINK YOU ARE, BUT WHAT YOU THINK, YOU ARE.” Thanks for sending me on this mental jog! 🙂


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