Week 17: Give yourself permission

When we are a child, we see the world with the eyes of innocence and we marvel at everything that surrounds us. We think we can do whatever we want, and we look at the adults sometimes with a feeling of incomprehension by their ease to make everything complicated.

For example, I loved climbing trees, riding every weekend, and I often wanted to sleep with my horse. When I spoke with my friends, we would draw the world with beautiful colors and imagined that we would be friends for the end of time. With our naivety and imagination, we could build great things and we could touch someone’s heart with a simple smile.

As we grow up, we are told that the world is as it is, that our life is just living inside it, trying not to bump its head against the walls too much. That we have to stay in the lines defined by others.

But it is a very limited life. We stop doing things that we loved and what was natural in our childhood becomes almost prohibited once adult. We stop showing who we are

We stopped giving ourselves permission to have, to do but above all to BE.

The consequence of all this as you certainly have guessed is a loss of self-confidence and fear of judgement. We have to comply with the mass Because it’s better (what!?) And we shut down our own desires.

For years I have stopped giving myself permission to feel good, to be happy, to live for myself, to cross the lines, to Let Go, to show who I am. I followed the others because it made sense, I was part of a group, I showed others that I could be like them. Where is the interest of all this? If you can’t be yourself, you’re nothing.

Look at this Experience and you get what I say


A few years ago, I Left France, Because I had enough. I took my backpack and went to live in a beautiful place in South America. You’re going to laugh but, I could climb trees again, ride a horse in an incredible valley and I was surrounded by people with heart. I started again to give myself permission to be myself and to be able to be feel good again

Back to France, I was reinvigorated, I discovered that I could bring positive in the lives of others..

With a simple smile, We can make someone feel good; by listening others we can influence in a good way; With a positive attitude, We can give someone’s confidence. With letting go, we can enjoy again present times without thinking about our past which can be painful.

Definition: Letting Go is just A flexible approach of life Which makes it much simpler.  being willing to allow life to carry you to a new place, even a deeper truer rendition of self.

Life can be much more fulfilling once one has discovered the simple fact that everything around us has not been created by people smarter than us, that we can give ourselves permission to be who we want to be. That we can make a difference, put our own brand, make our lives better but above all make the lives of others better. Once we are conscious of that, we are not the same anymore.

We are our worst enemy Then why couldn’t we be our best friend ?

What do you choose?

Very nice week to all of you.


2 thoughts on “Week 17: Give yourself permission

  1. I loved climbing trees at a child too. Especially this huge hemlock just out in front of our home. Was great until they decided the road was in the wrong place and cut my tree down. That was the biggest loss up to that point in my life. I gave up climbing trees, until just recently when I climbed another. Keep on keeping on! I too would like to become my own best friend.


  2. “One for all. All for one!” is a powerful motto…especially, when coming from a self-directed thinker, such as you appear to be, Myriam. It’s so powerful, in fact, it can be perilous; especially when knowing we’re surrounded by sheeple, who have given their allegiance to lies built on illusion, creating delusion and a dangerous confusion — darkening transparency, and, unfortunately, sometimes demanding a high degree of personal tact. Mahalo for letting me witness your journey! 🙂

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