Week 18 : You

We all have an history, patterns, a personality, and modes of thought that we believe to be ours but which, as you know, were mostly shaped by the environment around us.

So let’s start from this postulate and let’s study this environment:

– Fear and insecurity: Today people are afraid of the future. Afraid of losing their job, afraid of not being able to ensure the subsistence of the needs of their family. These fears prevent them from taking risks.

– The culture of having everything, right away: In a world that is constantly moving, we no longer take the time to ask ourselves and to visualize our future in the medium term. Our culture is based on immediate results ‘now’ or ‘never’.

– Victimization: If I fail, it is the fault of my boss that throw some sands into the wheels. If I am tired, it is because of the children who take me a lot of energy. If I cannot buy this apartment, it is because the borrowing rates are too high……….

– To be oneself: in a world where the opinion of others and the so-called one has a great place, it takes courage to show oneself as we are. Yet we all have our strengths and weaknesses and showing ourselves without a filter is a great strength.

– What do I have to win: Life is a competition, make your way through to reach the highest step of the podium.

It’s a pretty sad postulate, is not it?






Now, let’s try to reverse things: what is done is done, what happened in the past is past. It is useless to look back because it is not in this way that we are moving forward.

Our history does not drive our life, you are the driver, you have control of this engine, and you can choose the speed and direction you take. Your history is what you leave behind!!!!! The person you want to be on the other hand requires that you step forward and actually discover new things, embrace what you do not know yet, and that requires a constant, durable and lasting learning.

Likewise the ‘I, Me’ cannot lead you anywhere. Whether you agree or disagree, we are all interdependent. If you want to receive, you must give away. If you want to succeed, you must help other people to succeed. These are just universal principles.

The ‘me’ I made myself, it’s just bullshit, it is just ego. Do not confuse ‘ambition’ which is often unhealthy because at the expense of others and ‘growing’ in a healthy and pleasant environment by interacting with the people around you and being in a ‘win-win’ model.

We all have to gain by using these principles but much to lose by remaining in a furrow of individuality. Your call.

To be followed….



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