Week 19: The future You (following week 18)

A few month ago, I had a drink with a friend who told me about her future plans. Already well established in life, she tells me that she has decided to leave a year abroad to take a training following her heart and change her professional direction. She does not really know how, but she knows her “Why”. Her eyes sparkled as she spoke about it, her smile widened when she imagined her future life. I had the feeling of being in front of a child going to a fun fair for the first time.

We always have to keep in mind that we think of grows and when we come to project towards our future self, we communicate this enthusiasm around us but we must know from the beginning where we want to go in order to take the right direction that takes us there.

When we imagine our future self, the “How” defines just that we do things with:

– Honesty

– an Open mindedness

– Willingness

Successful people just do things, people who fail make the conscious decision not to do things.

We have been conditioned with this idea that: happiness comes after success, but it is completely the opposite. Develop a state of mind where you feel happy and success will come.

A life without passion is just useless. Happy people are 31% more productive and 37% more efficient. So, let’s be happy about what we want to do first and foremost because that’s how we make others happy and we access what we want.

We all heard about Aladdin’s lamp when we were a child. Are you aware that this lamp is you? Everything you own today comes from the thoughts you had in the past.

A thought is above all a wish that generates emotions which leads to a belief and triggers action. We already have everything in us “so What are you pretending not to know? “And” What would the person I intend to become do next? “

Everything we set in motion continues in motion according to a simple and logical progression if we do not pull up the stop brake. If there’s a red light, it does not matter; the slowdown does not prevent progress. You have a vehicle, a GPS, fuel, that’s all that counts.

Some people do not plan to fail, they simply fail to plan. And in terms of our comfort zone which is cozy but not necessarily pleasant, well realize that it controls you until you decide to control it because we are in charge of the life we live. These are daily choices, hours by hours, minutes by minutes that will make who we are and who we become.

You could tell me, yes but there are things that we cannot control (weather, traffic jams, strikes …), of course !!, and then, that’s how it is everything, you will not talk about it for a week; it’s useless to pester for that and lose your energy for nothing. Accept it and focus only on what you can control because the list is long 🙂 and we all know it deep inside.

I will end with this little anecdote: one day a young woman go and see a coach in personal development to ask him for advice on motivation. He just replies, “You’re going to die tomorrow”.

“How do you want to be remembered? What do you want to leave behind? A print or just ashes.

You might find this taboo but, in the end,, we always have the choice:







Listen: Your heart’s desire

Ignore: the circumstances that govern our lives by influencing them


Listen: the circumstances that govern our lives without changing anything

Ignore: Heart’s desire

I made my choice: What’s yours?

Have a great week


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