Week 19: The future You (following week 18)

A few month ago, I had a drink with a friend who told me about her future plans. Already well established in life, she tells me that she has decided to leave a year abroad to take a training following her heart and change her professional direction. She does not really know how, but she knows her “Why”. Her eyes sparkled as she spoke about it, her smile widened when she imagined her future life. I had the feeling of being in front of a child going to a fun fair for the first time.

We always have to keep in mind that we think of grows and when we come to project towards our future self, we communicate this enthusiasm around us but we must know from the beginning where we want to go in order to take the right direction that takes us there.

When we imagine our future self, the “How” defines just that we do things with:

– Honesty

– an Open mindedness

– Willingness

Successful people just do things, people who fail make the conscious decision not to do things.

We have been conditioned with this idea that: happiness comes after success, but it is completely the opposite. Develop a state of mind where you feel happy and success will come.

A life without passion is just useless. Happy people are 31% more productive and 37% more efficient. So, let’s be happy about what we want to do first and foremost because that’s how we make others happy and we access what we want.

We all heard about Aladdin’s lamp when we were a child. Are you aware that this lamp is you? Everything you own today comes from the thoughts you had in the past.

A thought is above all a wish that generates emotions which leads to a belief and triggers action. We already have everything in us “so What are you pretending not to know? “And” What would the person I intend to become do next? “

Everything we set in motion continues in motion according to a simple and logical progression if we do not pull up the stop brake. If there’s a red light, it does not matter; the slowdown does not prevent progress. You have a vehicle, a GPS, fuel, that’s all that counts.

Some people do not plan to fail, they simply fail to plan. And in terms of our comfort zone which is cozy but not necessarily pleasant, well realize that it controls you until you decide to control it because we are in charge of the life we live. These are daily choices, hours by hours, minutes by minutes that will make who we are and who we become.

You could tell me, yes but there are things that we cannot control (weather, traffic jams, strikes …), of course !!, and then, that’s how it is everything, you will not talk about it for a week; it’s useless to pester for that and lose your energy for nothing. Accept it and focus only on what you can control because the list is long 🙂 and we all know it deep inside.

I will end with this little anecdote: one day a young woman go and see a coach in personal development to ask him for advice on motivation. He just replies, “You’re going to die tomorrow”.

“How do you want to be remembered? What do you want to leave behind? A print or just ashes.

You might find this taboo but, in the end,, we always have the choice:







Listen: Your heart’s desire

Ignore: the circumstances that govern our lives by influencing them


Listen: the circumstances that govern our lives without changing anything

Ignore: Heart’s desire

I made my choice: What’s yours?

Have a great week


Week 18 : You

We all have an history, patterns, a personality, and modes of thought that we believe to be ours but which, as you know, were mostly shaped by the environment around us.

So let’s start from this postulate and let’s study this environment:

– Fear and insecurity: Today people are afraid of the future. Afraid of losing their job, afraid of not being able to ensure the subsistence of the needs of their family. These fears prevent them from taking risks.

– The culture of having everything, right away: In a world that is constantly moving, we no longer take the time to ask ourselves and to visualize our future in the medium term. Our culture is based on immediate results ‘now’ or ‘never’.

– Victimization: If I fail, it is the fault of my boss that throw some sands into the wheels. If I am tired, it is because of the children who take me a lot of energy. If I cannot buy this apartment, it is because the borrowing rates are too high……….

– To be oneself: in a world where the opinion of others and the so-called one has a great place, it takes courage to show oneself as we are. Yet we all have our strengths and weaknesses and showing ourselves without a filter is a great strength.

– What do I have to win: Life is a competition, make your way through to reach the highest step of the podium.

It’s a pretty sad postulate, is not it?






Now, let’s try to reverse things: what is done is done, what happened in the past is past. It is useless to look back because it is not in this way that we are moving forward.

Our history does not drive our life, you are the driver, you have control of this engine, and you can choose the speed and direction you take. Your history is what you leave behind!!!!! The person you want to be on the other hand requires that you step forward and actually discover new things, embrace what you do not know yet, and that requires a constant, durable and lasting learning.

Likewise the ‘I, Me’ cannot lead you anywhere. Whether you agree or disagree, we are all interdependent. If you want to receive, you must give away. If you want to succeed, you must help other people to succeed. These are just universal principles.

The ‘me’ I made myself, it’s just bullshit, it is just ego. Do not confuse ‘ambition’ which is often unhealthy because at the expense of others and ‘growing’ in a healthy and pleasant environment by interacting with the people around you and being in a ‘win-win’ model.

We all have to gain by using these principles but much to lose by remaining in a furrow of individuality. Your call.

To be followed….


Week 17: Give yourself permission

When we are a child, we see the world with the eyes of innocence and we marvel at everything that surrounds us. We think we can do whatever we want, and we look at the adults sometimes with a feeling of incomprehension by their ease to make everything complicated.

For example, I loved climbing trees, riding every weekend, and I often wanted to sleep with my horse. When I spoke with my friends, we would draw the world with beautiful colors and imagined that we would be friends for the end of time. With our naivety and imagination, we could build great things and we could touch someone’s heart with a simple smile.

As we grow up, we are told that the world is as it is, that our life is just living inside it, trying not to bump its head against the walls too much. That we have to stay in the lines defined by others.

But it is a very limited life. We stop doing things that we loved and what was natural in our childhood becomes almost prohibited once adult. We stop showing who we are

We stopped giving ourselves permission to have, to do but above all to BE.

The consequence of all this as you certainly have guessed is a loss of self-confidence and fear of judgement. We have to comply with the mass Because it’s better (what!?) And we shut down our own desires.

For years I have stopped giving myself permission to feel good, to be happy, to live for myself, to cross the lines, to Let Go, to show who I am. I followed the others because it made sense, I was part of a group, I showed others that I could be like them. Where is the interest of all this? If you can’t be yourself, you’re nothing.

Look at this Experience and you get what I say


A few years ago, I Left France, Because I had enough. I took my backpack and went to live in a beautiful place in South America. You’re going to laugh but, I could climb trees again, ride a horse in an incredible valley and I was surrounded by people with heart. I started again to give myself permission to be myself and to be able to be feel good again

Back to France, I was reinvigorated, I discovered that I could bring positive in the lives of others..

With a simple smile, We can make someone feel good; by listening others we can influence in a good way; With a positive attitude, We can give someone’s confidence. With letting go, we can enjoy again present times without thinking about our past which can be painful.

Definition: Letting Go is just A flexible approach of life Which makes it much simpler.  being willing to allow life to carry you to a new place, even a deeper truer rendition of self.

Life can be much more fulfilling once one has discovered the simple fact that everything around us has not been created by people smarter than us, that we can give ourselves permission to be who we want to be. That we can make a difference, put our own brand, make our lives better but above all make the lives of others better. Once we are conscious of that, we are not the same anymore.

We are our worst enemy Then why couldn’t we be our best friend ?

What do you choose?

Very nice week to all of you.

Week 16: What is wealth

Wealth is not what you have in your bank account.

Wealth is who you are. It is Also What you have in your bank of time during a day: a credit of 86 400 seconds exactly in which you can decide how your day will look like, how you want to drive it, and the emotions you want to feel.

In my previous life, I didn’t care about that credit. I was living like a robot. I worked day and night without counting weekends. And during my rare days of rest, I cleaned the house, I did paperwork and I watched TV, just passing the time. What a waste. A professional Burn Out made me realize that I needed to listen to my heart. My Heart Who knew My real desires, my high aspirations, For a very long time.change.JPG

At the beginning of my career, this heart, my heart, had never stopped to drum to my ears and gradually, it stopped, and this drum turned into Whispers And almost turn off. This crisis helped me to rediscover myself and take possession of the person I am with my values, my principles of life and my desires. It is not always easy because it is so simple to let yourself be tossed by life and environment. Therefore, by always keeping in mind what we wish for ourselves, we know That we are on the right path. So, no matter how many years it may take, the important thing is to stay on track.

You can say I am an idealist and it can make you smile. Only, all great men who succeeded in life are idealists who worked very hard to achieve higher and higher levels of excellence, who visualized and materialized what they wanted in life. I’m not just talking about professional success, because it’s only one element of the wheel of life that counts 9 (Family, professional, love relationship, health, friends and social life…). And we know that when it does not go well in one aspect of our life, it necessarily affects the other aspects. And it can lead to a snowball effect.

I do not have magic recipes to give you because we are all human with our strengths and weaknesses, that can sometimes take over according to our mental and emotional state of the moment. What I can say on the other hand is that it is important to always Keep in mind this Balance And this bliss Which We want to reach.

Learn how to cultivate your wealth. This personal wealth that defines you with your ideals, your values, your desires, your love, your authenticity, your sincerity, your generosity, your strengths and your weaknesses… And last words: never hide from who you are because who you are is what makes you unique.

Very good week to everyone.

Week 15: Happy New Year 2019

Have you ever watched the movie  ‘Cool Runnings’ .  For Christmas holidays I treated myself with this movie.

To sum up, it’s the story of’ a Man who sees his dream of going to the Olympic Games shattered after a fall in athletics selection.

Yet, his burning desire to go to the Olympic Games is so strong in him that he decides to set up a Jamaican bobsleigh team and to go to Canada to qualify.

The Whole federation make fun of them, obviously, and are not taken seriously at all.

 But with will, persistence and faith, they reach their goal of being among the best.

This story is Incredible, the Ingredients of success in relation to a specific purpose are gathered. 

A well-defined purpose: Being the first Jamaicans in the world to compete for this discipline at the Olympics. The vision is here.

An action plan: an intensive training, first in Their own country with what they’ve got (almost nothing). Then flying over to Canada, learning ice-skating in an ice rink (incredible scene); In-depth study from all angles of the track and the course.

A Mindset: Despite unkind jokes and other pessimism Surrounding, they do not let anyone discourage them.

A Team Alliance : They turn their differences into strength, The team is tightknit, either they succeed all together or not at all.

There is a scene where the dialogue sums up the film:

  1. Does the verb ‘ To give up ‘ mean something to you?
  2. ‘ Give up ‘? Never heard about it …
  3. We are different, and people are afraid of what is different. That’s all.

It is mostly true unfortunately, people are often Afraid of what is different.

Now, have you noticed that when we watch a movie, we often Identify to the hero and we long to be in their place.

When I saw ‘ Dirty Dancing ‘ For The first Time, I Must admit, I felt Like ‘ Baby ‘, a little rebellious in the soul, not happy in my sneakers and ready to run wild and free (Thing done by the way 😊) and guys, even if I feel a smile on your face, I am sure at 95% that you identified with Patrick Swayze.

But what keeps us from daring. What do we have to lose?

What’s the worst thing that could happen?  As a general rule, we give too much importance to what others think. Isn’t it?

What would happen if you tried something?  Feel good, happy, proud of yourself and Accomplished? Yes, that is what I am talking about.

It is important to be the hero of your own Life, to be in total agreement with yourself and, if you are different, on the contrary, cultivate this difference. Because you are perfect. But Others by not accepting you as you are the ones who Have a problem, demonstrating intolerance towards your desires and dreams.

I live in the 21st Century I’m happy in what I do, I love learning constantly, and I consider that life is magical if we take the time to open our eyes to all that surround us, if we take the time to be thankful towards these daily little things that Bring us a smile. Life is what we do, there should be no place to complain. If there is a problem, there is a solution. If there are no solutions, there are no problems. 

I wish you a splendid year 2019 Filled with happiness, the pursuit of your dreams, the strengthening of your human values, of Sharing and unconditional love.

Week 13 and 14 : Gratitude

For this week of Christmas Holidays, I would like to express my gratitude.

We rarely take the time to appreciate what we have, and we wrongly focus on What we don’t have yet.

Mind is a muscle and we have to train it just like the muscles of our body. If we only let negative thoughts infiltrate us, we develop a negative life pattern but if we focus on positive thoughts; On projects; about what we want for ourselves then we develop A whole different mindset that brings us to an inner wellbeing and allow us to be more alert on what surround us.

Pay attention!! 

Pay attention on everything you have accomplished in your life so far; on all the things you master, all the life skills you’ve learned.

Pay attention:  What are you thankful for when you think about your family life, about your children, your relationships.  What are you thankful for when you think about your health, your personal and professional commitment

This can be daily little things: the smile of your child in the morning, a roof over your head, food on the table, a sunny day, an act of kindness, a moment of sharing with friends….

Gratitude is to feel happy with what we have and not being unhappy with what we do not have.

So thank you for offering me a roof over my head, thank you To my family, Thanks to those people with whom I shared a wonderful Christmas dinner, Thanks to the beautiful people I have met lately, thanks To my clients for trusting me, thanks to all those compliments I get on the quality of my work, thanks to my man for crossing my path, thanks to my friends, thanks to life for giving me great opportunities, Thank you. Thank you, everyone. Thanks to MKMMA. Thanks to all the people I know all over the world And very beautiful end of the year to all of you.


Week 12 : What is succes in itself?

Can we really define the meaning of the word success? Are there two men among thousands of sages who can define success in the same words? Yet failure is always described in the same way. Failure is a man’s inability to achieve his goals in life, whatever they may be. « Og Mondino ».

When I read this passage, I remember taking a pause for a long time and thinking about the real meaning of all this. I told myself that in fact there were no real definition of success, no magic sentence and even less a perfect and factual strategy that would allow access to the Success. Why? Because you can look for a bunch of external elements but if deep down inside yourself, you do not think you can succeed, then the die is cast.

It all starts within us.

I like this quote that says: Do not wait to succeed to be happy but be happy to be able to succeed. It means what it means, right?

I remember that at the beginning of my adult life, I wanted to become an artist. I wrote songs, I sang, and I wanted to be an actress. I believed in what I did, and it brought me emotions of joy, pleasure and well-being. Only, my family and some close friends didn’t have the same opinion and by repeating over and over that it could never work, that it was not a career, I came to this internal belief that I could not succeed in this area. And that’s exactly what happened.

As long as we do not have this understanding that everything, we create in life is the fruit of our thinking, and by extension of our beliefs, it will be difficult to move forward to our deeply heart’s goals.

Yet it has been difficult for us to banish fear, anxiety or discouragement, which are powerful mental energies that keep us away from the object of our goals (of our desires), so we take a step forward and 2 steps back. 

But then what should be done?

There are no magic recipes but rather principles of life that I would develop in another article.

But to begin with, I would say that the only way to avoid backwards is to always move forward. That it is imperative to be aware that we can be who we will to be. Then you have to have the courage to dare and finally, to have the faith to do it, or if you prefer to make a commitment to yourself to do it.

So what is success if not above all a state of mind?

Have a good week.


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