Week 3 : to complain or to take responsability

Charles Hannel: “Eliminate any possible tendency to complain of conditions as they have been, or as they are, because it rests with you to change them or to make them what you would like them to be”.

BAM !!! isn’t it a powerful sentence? Yet most people do not even take 10 seconds to think about it.

Anytime we want to do something we are told: you cannot do that. It’s complicated, you know. And if it does not work, yes but the PROBLEM is that …

Today, as soon as we really think of a project that is important to us, an alert in our brain is triggered, bringing us back to all these doubts, and to the so-called advice of our friends or family. Does it ring a bell?

Ok, then, let’s spread the good news: you have everything in you to change that. The mind is creative. All the experiences we experience are the result of our way of thinking.Let me explain: you have a thought; it triggers emotions; which will lead to a belief; and the result of this belief will drive you to action! You get it? Is it easy? No. Is it possible? Yes. To change the results, you must change your thinking because our world without (what we have) is a reflection of our world within (what we think). Stop focusing on the actions: I do not understand, I do that, but it does not work. It’s normal!!!!!! You have to start by changing your way of thinking, the person you are, because it is in this place, INSIDE you, that everything begins.


If you are conscious of that, you are on the good track



Week 2 : Intention versus Methods

Have you ever been in love with someone who lived far away from You? If the answer is yes, you probably remember that no matter how the distance was, you would always find a way to see him, isn’t it? You had an INTENTION and, by enchantment, the methods would come naturally to You. Your mind would provide you with all the means to get whatever you wanted. And you would go for it.

Today, we tend to think the other way around, we are only concerned by the METHODS.  And this is so bad, we add limitations to our Limitations.

Yet we all agree that to get a flower, one must first have a bulb. We never took a flower to become a bulb. So we start with a ‘SEED’ To have a result To The outside.


l'intention An intention is something that ‘ we want’, An ideal. It begins by growing within you and your desire becomes so strong that this seed Opens the way to imagination, to all the tools, all the resources you might need in order to achieve your Purpose. You Just have Listen to all the tools that come to mind, welcome them, and set them up.

Then:  Try. Think of something and Tell me What makes it easier: to have the intention of… or think about ‘ Methods, the how to’ first. This is just a reversal of a way of thinking but the results make all the Difference.

Week one: Here I am again

What does it mean to do something for oneself?

For me, it is above all to be aware that, whatever life we have, we can modify things that do not suit us anymore, improve others and move forwards to new horizons simply because we have a deep desire.

And this is where everything starts. No matter where you come from, no matter how long it will take. From the moment you really want something, you already put yourself in a creative thinking scheme. Do not try to know “how to” because actions without a real purpose are useless but look deeply within yourself and Listen: ‘ Why do I want to do this, what pushes me.  When I think about my project, my desires, what are’ The emotions I feel ‘. It is this pattern that will push you into action.

Now, there’s a But. Since we were children, we have always been guided to learn things that we do not necessarily like, we have been conditioned by a whole direct and indirect environment and we have gradually let our desires, our spontaneity  and our imagination extinguish.  We became a Slave to our Habits.


For anyone wishing to evolve their Life, a condition that is no longer pleasing or acceptable; The first step is to change bad habits and replace them with good habits.

In other words, start pull up the weeds that you dislike and plant the seeds that look like you.