Week 11 : My mood

Hi everyone,

I have so little time this week. So much going on and sometimes feeling overwhelmed but at the same time so grateful for everything that happen to me.

So this week just wanted to express my mood with a song. Have a great week.


Week 10 : Persistence

The only way for you not to back off is to keep moving forward.

I know, this may sound like a phone call, but it’s important not to give yourself permission to give up when something does not work the way you want.

We can of course say: OK, I take a break but: restart and always make this step forward that lead you to your dreams and goals.

For my part, right now I am all over the place and I know that I am late in relation to the dated goals that I set up for myself. There may be ups and downs, but I know that if I let myself go, I can be lazy.

I am not the kind of person who wants to be in that average, where so many People let Life choose for them.  I decided to have this mindset of the 2% of the population. So if I take a step that leads nowhere, I step forward and forward. The truth is that it is not too difficult to move one step at a time. I build up my castle stone by stone, knowing that small efforts repeatedly overcome any undertaking and make a huge difference. And since I chose to live according to “Intentions «and Not according to “the methods”….


I have also decided not to let neither disappointments nor negative thoughts schedule my life. I watch them like a cat is watching a mouse. I am the captain of my life!!! my goals are clear, sharpened, accurate.

But if you’re scattered, like a sculptor who starts a work and changes ideas every 15 minutes, what do you think the result will be?

But knowledge does not apply itself. So be aware of your thoughts because they are the ones that shape your life. You become what you think.

Here is one of my memories that I cherish: During one of my trip in Argentina a few years ago I found myself one day in the middle of a semi desert, alone, with a backpack of 22 Kgs. What a bad situation. Someone told me that I had to walk 6, 2 miles to catch a bus that would leave 5 hours later and take me to a city which would allow me to sleep in a decent place and eat. I felt horrible, but I did not let this state of despair afflict me, on the contrary, I focused on a happy moment of my life, I thought about my chance to have a family who love me. An hour later, a car stopped by at my height, took me and welcomed me at their place for 4 days. I could never forget those moments.

When you have a negative thought that comes to your mind, it is up to you to replace it with a positive thought. Be that cat at The Lookout! Watch yourself and become aware of your emotions.

Today I am like the rain that erodes the mountains, the ant that eat a tiger, and the star that illuminates the earth. Nor do I allow that my success of yesterday falls to-day in a feeling of self-sufficiency, because it is the chief foundation of failure.

I am not a sheep, I am a lion and I refuse to speak, to walk and to sleep with the sheep. I always take a step forward because I am committed to myself and also to all those people who rely on me and trust me to achieve the goals they have set for themselves. We set up the steps of success together with these values of integrity, transparency, and strong human relationships.


Have a great week 🙂


Week 9 : Create a new reality for yourself

The mind is the only place where we can create a new reality. We are what we think.

Did you know that 100 kg of knowledge worth less than 1 gram of action.

2 major obstacles often prevent us from doing what we want:

(1) It appears that most of us suffer from acute routinite (book: “your second life begins when you realize you only have one ‘ Raphaëlle Giordano). Here are the symptoms: lack of motivation, difficulty to be happy, weariness…

We can be possessed by a feeling of emptiness without being in depression, and hang the unpleasant feeling of having everything to be happy without having the key to enjoy it. Which leads to a growing number of illiterates of happiness not to mention emotional illiteracy. It is just insane! For sure, you won’t learn how to find your bliss at school.

Fortunately, it is not a fate, we can always choose to fully live our lives while gradually freeing its brain of this strangulation of negative waves.

(2) Negativity is tattooed in our genes for thousands of years. It’s just huge, it’s called self-preservation. When I learned this, I was shocked. We are genetically predisposed to negativity! Then of course, it becomes a hindrance when it comes to change. But remember ‘nothing is permanent except change’.

Similarly, we are humans being physically and chemically emotional, which can be a limitation when we access the same emotions and attitudes every single day without doing anything to change or evolve in our life. Our bodies create neuropeptides that correspond to specific feelings and emotions. Whenever we experience these emotions, our cells are bathed into these neuropeptides. Overtime, our body becomes used to this and this is where the addiction occurs. And when our cells do not get bathed into these neuropeptides, because we change our way of thinking, our cells start craving them again.

The only solution is to create new neuropeptides by changing our way of thinking and learning to control our emotional state. We have to watch ourselves, be our own observer.

Now, start by putting your prejudices and beliefs at the door, locked out.

Most of the things that happen to you in life depend on what goes on in your mind.

You have the choice between painting everything in black or in rose; your subconscious mind doesn’t make any difference.

You are the author of your own life! So, sit down for 15 minutes quietly, ask yourself what you want in life and WRITE it down!!!.  What is not written does not exist.

– What are the things I want to get rid of in my life?

-What are the things I want in life?

-What do I want for me? Sincerely.

-Why is it so important to me? List at least 5 items.

-What are the consequences for me not having what I want?

-What keeps me from taking small steps to get what I want?

-Where should I start? 10 small steps are better than a big leap.

-Do I really want this or do I need it?

-If I start to make small changes, what’s the worst that could happen?

-If I start to make small changes, what are the benefits I could get?

“Change is a door that opens from the inside,” Tom Peters

Either your future remains a stranger, or either it becomes your best friend. Either you continue to live by the clock, or either you follow your inner compass to achieve your goal, by giving more importance to your heart needs.

When a negative thought comes to your mind, switch it by a positive thought, a pleasant moment.

I wish you a wonderful week.

If some of you want to exchange their experience with me on this little exercise, I would be a great pleasure.

Week 7 & 8 : One step at a time

Often, when we have a project that is important to us, we can quickly Feel Overwhelmed. A billion of ideas come in mind, many things to set up at once, Not to mention our others daily life obligations  and BOOM!! It’s hard to know where to start.

The fact is, that we are Today In a microwave life, Where people want an instant result and are in impatience. This impatience is our main enemy.

YOU know I hope That this model leads to failure in 99% of cases. No one has ever eaten a  beef on a single bite.

At the same time, we have €86.400 in our bank account every day that fade along the day and  disappear completely at midnight. I’m talking about the time bank.  86.400 Secondes.

You can not control time, but you can control what you want to do with it. Isn’t it?

It starts with a step, that 1% step every day that Seem ridiculous  But which is of invaluable value if we put 100% of ourselves.

The important thing is to know what you want to feel, and what you want to accomplish in life. There are too many People that do things without really knowing what they are doing, nor where it lead  them. Do you want to be that kind of person?

If you think you have something to give, that you have a gift, a profond hearts’ desire , almost visceral, then there is nothing that you cannot accomplish. Give each fiber of your being in what you want to be because the desire is not enough. Don’t look for outside conditions, but listen to everything that’s going on inside you. Your world within, This is where everything starts.

If you do what you like, time will go on fast but will be as well your friend, your ally. On the other hand, if you do something that you do not like, time will be like a chain at your feet.

In any project that is important to you, congratulate yourself of  the 1% that you take every day. All those steps added , all those little details, which lead to huge results. 

Every thing we do is a choice and the choices we take have consequences. 😊 Good week.

Week 6 : What is the size of your dreams?

We all know that we are beings of habits. In fact, when something new happens in our life or whenever we want our life to change, we have this apprehension, those questions, those doubts and the famous: What If……

But What if We would remember our life when we were 10 years old, with those dreams full of stars in our eyes that were never big enough, those dreams that would take our imagination so far away and on which we could spend Hours. It was like a puzzle That would take shape where every detail was important. Do you remember? 😊

What is the size of your dreams Today? A balloon or even worse, a small pebble?

Ok, We have a life of work, of family perhaps and above all obligations. Is this the reason why that we must live according to the circumstances. More and more of us choose to live according to our desires, our decisions, according to what our heart tell us.

While living Abroad I rediscovered what humankind meant, love, sharing, kindness, goodness at its highest level. From then on, I chose to reaffirm my convictions, my values and my desires. Freedom is the most important element given to us and we have control over one thing: ‘ our thoughts ‘. It is a muscle that must be discover again in order to move forward.

So yes, there will be moments of anxiety, fear, doubts as we go out of our famous “comfort zone”. It’s normal!!!! This is part of the process, don’t try to escape it. You just have to learn to observe it, to observe yourself, and then to welcome it. It’s like learning how to ride a bike. We fall, we stand up.

So today, what is the size of your dreams? Mine are in perpetual construction.
So today, what is the size of your dreams? Mine are in perpetual construction.

Week 5 : What are we addicted to?

Have you ever been in the presence of a person who moans all the time, a person That Criticizes everything or who is often melodramatic Saying ‘ But why does this happen to me ‘? The answer is yes, no doubt about it 😊. And you probably wonder, but what makes that person to be in the need of that state almost Daily?

Maybe the answer will surprise you, but we are all Addicted. Yes, you read it correctly, we are all Addicted To those 40 billion peptides Present In our bodies and mainly in our brains.connexions

A thought triggers 40 billion of connections !!!, which triggers Emotions which leads to Beliefs. We Live, Think and Act according to those beliefs.

We have made it our reality, and it is not always for the best. The hardest part is that we are addicted to these Emotions that we experienced one day. Sure, it didn’t happen Overnight. It found its way through the family environment, work place, home, the social environment where we have received countless impressions, prejudices, ideas that have been accepted and integrated by ourselves.

Little by little, this has seeped into every parcel of our body, has shaped our personality dépendanceand character, the puzzle was built. And When these peptides do not have what they want (the emotions they are accustomed to), they send a signal to the brain in order to claim their daily dose.

Is it irreversible? Fortunately, not!


  • If you have a person in front of you moaning, ask him to stop straight away and think instead of a pleasant memory for 30 seconds and watch his face metamorphose.
  • If you have someone complaining on something, ask him to stop sharp and smile for 15 seconds and watch what happens.

And you, what are you addicted to? Take the time to observe yourself when you have emotions that you do not agree with You may be surprised

Next week following…

Week 4 : Because… We are worth it

Today, we are more and more looking for meaning in our life. We want of course to find a balance between work and our personal life, but we also want to bring ‘more’ into our lives, this more that makes us feel special,  accomplished people, happy human beings.


But unfortunately, for most people, ‘ We are ignorant of our own desires ‘. So why is it so complicated to say what we really want? One of the first answers that comes to my mind is: because we don’t take the time to rest and connect with oneself.


Yet, we take the time to go to work to build up the dreams of others, we take the time to fill tons of paperwork that drive us out of our mind, we took the time to go to school for years, to learn things that we do not necessarily like. What was the last time you took some time for yourself, to give more meaning to your life?

Below all those layers of cement that were imposed on us by school, the media, our parents, not to mention the opinions of others, you know those who try to stop you as soon as you dream of something for yourself. Underneath all these layers, hides Gold. This Gold is your deepest dreams. This gold are the projects that you have never dared to go for. This gold is your heart that speaks to you and tries to make a way beyond your reason, and beyond your If….. and But.

Take the time to listen to yourself, because your dreams are calling you. You’re worth it !!