Press Release English

15 October 2021 interview de Myriam Labbe by Robert Kiyosaki

Here I am in the south of Spain to meet Myriam Labbé. It’s 10:00 in the morning, we have a great weather. The beaches are beautiful with fine sand, the sea is crystalline, the landscapes are breathtaking and as we arrive, I hear away the sound of the waves crashing against the rocks.

Myriam looks radiant and welcomes us with a beautifull smile and her husband,a successful entrepreneur, the breakfast is ready to be tasted. The place is quiet, inspiring. We are lulled by the gentle murmur of nature and birdsong; the breeze is sweet and pleasant,and a feeling of serenity surrounds this fantastic house.

Hello Myriam, thank you for your invitation, it is a pleasure to meet you. This place is amazing, and you have a garden that anyone could dream on, how did you find this little piece of paradise.?

Myriam who blushes: Hello Robert, it is an honor to have you here and thank you for so many compliments. We bought this house less than a year ago. We were looking with my husband a place to live during the winter, not too far from France where we could receive our friends and family. We fell in love with this house. We have an hectare of land, orange trees, lemon trees, a century old Olive tree, a small vegetable garden, a swimming pool and our 3-bedroom house as well as a dependency transformed into a small, fully equipped studio accommodating 4 people.  It is a true haven of peace.

Robert :  and tell me, who is that little girl having fun by the swimming pool?

Myriam: This is Malaya (freedom in Filipino), our adopted little girl. She is a gift from heaven, an angel that fills us with happiness from the Philippines. As you know, we were involved in a humanitarian project that we cared about a little less than a year ago and we funded a school for underprivileged children in a small village lost in the heart of the Philippine Cordillera ‘ Sagada ‘, it was an Experience and an absolutely magical human adventure and since then we are involved in other humanitarian projects that fill us with gratitude and happiness.



Robert : you have other guests from what I can see.

Myriam who smiles: Yes, indeed, my parents, my brother and my nephews came to visit us for 15 days. Every year, we all meet together in order to share those privileged moments with our family. There is no price tag for it.

Robert, all smile confirms that these precious moments are to preserve.

After a great breakfast and meeting everyone , Robert and Myriam settle a bit off at the bottom of the garden, which overlooks the sea.

Robert : you have come a long way in the last 3 years. You told me during our telephone interview that we met 4 years ago at the Fnac in Paris, me and my writings (Robert smiles) and that since that time you had never stopped to pursue your goal in life. Today you are in Spain, tomorrow in another country in the world, you also have a house in the South of France. Tell me about your experience, because a lot of people would like to change something in their lives but very few dare to do it so. How did everything start?

…….. To be followed next week 🙂